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The following Terms and Conditions apply to your use of thisLoanwoan.Com ("loanwoan.com") website. Your use of the website means that you accept these terms and conditions. If you do not agree to be bound by these terms, you must cease use of the website and services, or be taken to be bound by them terms and conditions governing use of the site.

Loanwoan.com matches SMEs and Large Corporates with providers of finance. This includes identification of potentially applicable lending products and lenders that may be interested in funding a small business finance need. We identify products and lenders, and introduce the small business using a proprietary matching algorithm and application platform.

The information provided on the website, and through the matching process is a guide only, based on information provided by lenders regarding the basis upon which they are likely to approve an applicant and may not be complete for your purposes or take account of every factor that will be relevant in the lender’s final decision.

Loanwoan.com does not warrant the accuracy of information provided, and it is recommended that information is confirmed with the third party product providers on our platform. Loanwoan.com and its agents assume no responsibility for actions or omissions to act based on any information, services, or other material on our website.

Additional terms and conditions are set out below.

Defined terms

These Terms and Conditions ("Terms") may refer to "Loanwoan.com", "our", "us", and "we" interchangeably. These terms apply between Loanwoan.com and the "User", also referred to as "you".

Disclaimer of Warranty

Although Loanwoan.com has taken great care to ensure the reliability of any statements on our website, Loanwoan.com gives no warranty in relation to such statements or information. We expressly disclaim liability arising from persons acting or failing to act based on the information contained on our website.

Loanwoan.com further disclaims any responsibility or obligation to provide updates on published information. These disclaimers explicitly extend to third-party content published on our website, whether by organisations or individuals, including (but not limited to) on our blog and forum. Such content reflects the views, beliefs, and/or positions of the authors of the content, and not necessarily those of Loanwoan.com.

Limitation of Liability

Loanwoan.comwill not be held liable for any incidental, special, consequential, or indirect damages arising out of, or related to, the use of the website or services provided by Loanwoan.com. This will be the case even if Loanwoan.com knows or has been advised of the possibility of such damages. These damages include, but are not limited to, damage for loss or corruption of data, and interruptions to the services we provide.

Loanwoan.com's aggregate liability in relation to harm caused or loss suffered through use of the website or services we provide will be limited to any amount paid by you to Loanwoan.com in order to use our services, or, in the event that no such amount was tendered, Nil.

Use of Information or Content provided by Users

The Loanwoan.com website may contain links to websites of third parties. These third party websites are not under Loanwoan.com's control, and we disclaim responsibility for any content provided on a third-party website. Reference on our website to any products, services or other information (by use of name, logo or otherwise) does not constitute endorsement of such products, services or information.

Indicative rates provided are for information purposes only, and must be confirmed with the third party quoted before relying on such a quote. Your correspondence and/or business dealings with third parties found on or through our website are solely between you and such third parties, and you agree that Loanwoan.comwill not be held liable for any loss or damage arising through such correspondence or business dealings.

Use of Information or Content provided by Users

  1. Status of content submitted to our website and for provision of services -by submitting content (including personal and business information) to our website, you agree to grant Loanwoan.com a perpetual, non-exclusive, irrevocable, royalty-free license to use of such content. Use may include but is not limited to - reproduction, adaptation, editing, modification, translation, publication, transfer, and/or distribution of the content. This shall specifically include license for us to make the content available to other companies/organisations with whom we have business relationships. Such provision of your information may require changes to your content.
  2. Inquiry with a specific lender - by clicking to inquire with a lender, you consent to us providing that lender with the following information:
    • Your personal details as provided by you to us (including business owner name, business name, CIN)
    • Contact details (email address, phone number)
    • Trading, operational, and financial data as provided to help us match you with that lender (including but not limited to time in business, industry, presence/absence of past defaults etc)
    • Any other information entered into our platform by you, or made available by you through integrations with your systems
  3. Discuss application with lenders - by clicking to inquire with a lender, you consent to us requesting information from that lender about whether you have progressed with an application, and the circumstances of your application. Provision of such information by the lender will be governed by the privacy and terms of use of the particular lender, you have inquired with.
  4. Ongoing communications - you agree that we may use the contact details you have provided to us in order to contact you from time to time to update you on the services that we provide. You may opt-out of these communications, at which point we will cease to contact you.
  5. Disclosure as required by law - you acknowledge and agree that we may disclose information provided by you if required by law

For further information about the collection and use of information provided by you in the course of using this website and Loanwoan.com services, please read our Privacy Policy on this website. By using the website and any Loanwoan.com services, you are agreeing to the terms of the Privacy Policy.

Security of Information

Security of your information is critical to us here at Loanwoan.com. We maintain strong security measures to prevent unauthorised access to our systems and the information that you provide in the course of using our website and services. This includes encryption of our website and services using SSL technology, and review of our systems to ensure ongoing security standards are maintained.

We also restrict access to personal user information to Loanwoan.com employees, agents, and contractors who need to know that information to facilitate our service to you. We maintain strict confidentiality standards with such employees, agents, and contractors.

General Advice Warning

The services provided by Loanwoan.com are to be used as a guide only. We explicitly provide no guarantee as to the price/rate offered by a particular lender to a particular applicant, nor provide any guarantee as to approval by an end lender. Time to funding and product features are general guides and not guarantees. Loans may take longer to fund than the minimum time specified for that product/lender, depending on the specific loan and supporting documentation required.

Individual product features (for example, requirement for security, guarantees, supporting documentation) may change or no longer become available depending on the circumstances of the applicant – this is at the sole discretion of our lending partners when processing your application.

Use of site and Loanwoan.com Services

  1. Use is for business purposes only - Loanwoan.com operates to serve IndianSMEs and Large Corporates. You agree to use our site and services only for business purposes. You agree not to use this website for any personal purposes.
  2. Exclusive use - the registered account provided by Loanwoan.com to you is to be used only by you or an agent/employee of your business. You acknowledge that Loanwoan.com will not be held responsible for third party access to your account that results from theft or misappropriation of your login details (username or email and password):
  3. Information submitted by you - you are solely and fully responsible, and accept liability flowing from your provision of information on our website. This includes information provided for matching purposes, and information that we pass on to lenders. You undertake to only submit accurate information to this website, and accept responsibility for harm or damage resulting directly or indirectly from the provision of inaccurate information, whether submitted in good faith, negligently, or wilfully.
  4. Risk assumption - you assume all risks when using our website and services. This includes, but is not limited to risks associated with interactions, product applications, and receiving funding from third parties through our website.
  5. Disclaimer of guarantees on matching and funding approvals - Loanwoan.com does not guarantee that every user will be matched to lenders. Loanwoan.com also explicitly disclaims that matching constitutes any guarantee or representation that funding will be approved or provided by the matched lender.
  6. Use is for legal purposes only - you agree to only use this website and services in accordance with all applicable laws


You agree to indemnify Loanwoan.com for any losses, costs, liabilities and expenses arising out of:

  1. Your use of our website or services
  2. Content published by you on our website (including but not limited to our blog and forum)
  3. Your violation of these Terms and Conditions
  4. Your violation of any applicable laws, rules, or regulations

Loanwoan.com reserves the right to assume the exclusive defence and control of any such matter subject to this indemnification clause. In the event that this occurs, Loanwoan.com will take on any costs associated with defending the matter, and you agree to fully cooperate with Loanwoan.com in asserting any available defence.

Effective application of this Agreement

This agreement is effective upon your acceptance of this agreement, which occurs through use of our website and/or services. To reiterate and remove doubt, usage also constitutes agreement to our Privacy Policy available on our website. This agreement will remain in force in perpetuity unless terminated by Loanwoan.com or by you. Either party may unilaterally terminate your account with Loanwoan.com, for any reason, without any explanation.