About Loanwoan

Multilingual web platform providing MSMEs with easy access to growth capital

One of the biggest impediments to the growth of a business is not having sufficient funds to support the increase in activity. Entrepreneurs in India consistently struggle to raise timely credit from financial institutions.Even though there are plethora of financing opportunities available in the market, by and large entrepreneurs are unaware of the options. This, in turn, leads to under-financing, over-collateralization or high cost borrowing.

Loanwoan.com platform has been conceptualised to help the businesses to identify right lender who can provide timely and adequate credit. Loanwoan.comis the only platform which provides access to all products and financial institutions under one roof.

Our proprietary algorithm provides credit score which helps to match the right Lenders with the right MSMEs.

Loanwoan.com strives to solve following problems :

  • Unavailability of Timely and Adequate Credit
  • Entrepreneurs’/MSMEs’Lack of Awareness regarding various loan products available in the market to meet their specific needs
  • Dealing with Multiple Financial Institutions and Consultants
  • Opaque,Lengthy and Complex Loan Sanctioning Process

For financial institutions like Banks and NBFCs, Loanwoan.com provides :

  • Consistent deal flow irrespective of team strength
  • Filtered leads
  • Focus on core competency of risk assessment
  • Risk assessment report with score (based on proprietary algorithm) to measure credit risk